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the combat
saber system

Fast, fluid, dynamic and tactically real.

The Combat Saber system is a combat sports system rooted in real martial arts techniques.

Our system is derived from Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, a style of Filipino martial arts that focuses on evasion and efficient strikes. It's one of the last true systems that has been tested and proven through generations of combat – and is still tested today.

The objective is simple:

Aim for the hand or the head,

and hit without being hit.

It is a challenging workout that will exercise both body and mind. Learn how to strike accurately, evade swiftly, and predict your opponent's tactics,


What you will learn



Understand angles of movement, range control and proper body mechanics.



Your saber is an extension of yourself. Learn how to strike accurately, with good strength control.


Combat Tactics

In a duel, tactics make a difference. Learn to use positioning, combos, space control and more.

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